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This is a members only community for icons and graphics, most part of them are related with fashion, but other themes like movies and music are also posted. Glamicci was created and is maintained by 14drugs. I'm looking for one or two new iconmakers, if you'd like to apply for that, leave a comment here with your name, at least 5 samples of your work and the graphic community/user you're at (if you do).


You must credit glamicci for every icon/graphic you take. If you take an icon, you must credit it on your keywords, learn how to do it here. (1) Do not hotlink my icons/graphics. Save them on your computer and upload them on your livejournal. (2) Do not modify, redistribute or claim the icons as yours. Don't steal my work! The icons are not bases. (3)

Note: If you break any of these rules, you'll be banned from Glamicci and any other community I have access to.


Resources; Memories; Affiliates; Suggestions.


If you have any questions, issues, concerns, denunciations or just feel the need to talk to me, contact me through dipironasodica[at]gmail.com. Suggestions for themes/pics for icons are made here only.